Mission The Thermoelectrics Design Laboratory (TE Design Lab) is devoted to accelerating the discovery and design of new thermoelectric materials. At the heart of such developments is a large body of accurate experimental and computational materials property data. The confluence of the database with data mining techniques and visualization tools enable discovery of targeted materials and identification of new structure-property relationships. Such functionalities elevate TE Design Lab from a simple data repository to a suite of thermoelectrics-focused tools.
  • Eric Toberer
  • Vladan Stevanovic
  • Prashun Gorai
  • Brenden Ortiz
The development of the TE Design Lab is supported by the National Science Foundation under Grants 1334713, 1334351 and 1333335. Computational infrastructure for first principles calculations has been enabled by the Department of Energy.
P. Gorai, D. Gao, B. Ortiz, S. Miller, S. Barnett, T. Mason, Q. Lv, V. Stevanovic, and E. S. Toberer, TEDesignLab: A Virtual Laboratory for Thermoelectric Material Design, Comp. Mat. Sci. 112 (2015) 368-376.

J. Yan, P. Gorai, B. Ortiz, S. Miller, S. Barnett, T. Mason, V. Stevanovic, and E. S. Toberer,Material Descriptors For Predicting Thermoelectric Performance,Energy Environ. Sci. 8 (2015) 983-994.